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Our manufacturing facilities.

Who we are.

We are a multi-national manufacturer of Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction plants. Our manufacturing facilities are located in the North of Spain, a region renowned for its advanced industrial industries, where the FNX engineering team & commissioning team design, build, and test our equipment. Our Global Headquarters is located in Florida, USA. 

FNX LNG Solutions is part of a group of privately owned companies that have been acting in the design and manufacturing of equipment in diverse Energy Industries for the past 4 decades, with activities not only in Oil & Gas but industries such as Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Rotating Engine Manufacturing, Fluid Filtration, etc.

In these past four decades, our experiences have grown from the following in-house ventures:


FNX Liquefaction Technology is based on the Claude Brayton, simple closed loop Nitrogen cycle. The system uses a combination of compressors and expanders to cool down Natural Gas to approximately -244 ºF. Nitrogen is the working fluid in a closed-cycle refrigerator with a compressor, turbo-expander, and heat exchanger. Nitrogen flows in a closed loop system through the main heat exchanger, where liquefaction of the natural gas occurs. This chosen process is relatively simple and robust.