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Natural FNX liquefaction Systems

FNX LNG Solutions is a Multi-National manufacturer of Small-Scale LNG Plants.
Our LNG Plants, which focus on mobility, modularity, and scalability, are appreciated in the industry due to its robustness, operational simplicity, and low capital & operational costs.
All of these factors combined make our systems ideal for a HHP end-user who wants to save money, while helping the environment, by displacing their diesel use.

Frontier LNG Plant

FNX partners with Frontier Natural Resources in the development of Frontier LNG, a 34,000 gpd LNG production facility which will supply clean and affordable natural gas to the farming, transportation and industrial sectors in the heart of Pennsylvania. Frontier LNG, based in Clinton County (PA), is scheduled to be fully operational for commercial production in fall of 2,019, converting Marcellus natural gas into LNG fuel that will be cost competitive with diesel and LPG.

Frontier Natural Resources is an independent oil and natural gas producer based in central Pennsylvania, with a primary focus on conventional and unconventional resources across the Appalachian Basin.